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Why is it worth to invest in Tenerife?

mild and warm climate all year round


friendly people

increasing number of tourists

strong demand for short-term and long-term lease

return on investment even in 8 years

Los Gigantes

Puerto de Santiago

Puerto de Santiago

El Varadero


Investor’s guide


Investor’s guide

What do you need to buy a property in Tenerife?
  • a valid passport,
  • foreigner's Identification Number– in Spanish ….. abbrev. N.I.E.,
  • a confirmation that your Spanish bank account is opened.


All formalities connected with real estate purchase are carried out in Spanish.



Investor’s guide

Before finalization of your purchase you should check:
  • if the seller appears in the property register as the owner,
  • if the real estate is not encumbered with a mortgage and if it is not a subject of infringement proceedings regarding urban development,
  • whether the previous owner has obtained the relevant building permit and whether a given building underwent the commissioning process,
  • If there are no payment arrears – especially with real estate tax.

Good to know:

Information on the ownership of the property and any financial burdens can be found online on the property register website.

Information regarding required permits and possible tax arrears can be obtained at the local town hall.


Investor’s guide

Purchasing property on a secondary market
  1. It starts with signing a preliminary contract (sale agreement in Spanish) Such a contract guarantees a reservation of the property.
  2. The advance paid while signing the preliminary contract is usually 10%.
  3. The date of a notarial deed and bank account for deposit (10% of the property value) are set in the preliminary contract.
  4. Notarial deed: the remaining amount is paid. It is signed in Spanish, the remaining costs are also paid: approx. 9% of the property value are taxes and notary cost. At the request of a client we can guarantee presence of a Polish-Spanish speaking lawyer. Names of all participants present while signing the notarial deed will be included in the contract.


Both, in the case of property purchase on the secondary market, as well as from the developer, if a transaction does not take place due to the fault of the buyer, the deposit is kept by the seller. If the fault is on the seller side, he will have to return the doubled amount of the deposit received (unless the contract states otherwise).

The contract for the purchase of real estate is drown up in the form of a notarial deed, under pain of nullity.



Investor’s guide

A loan to buy a property in Tenerife

Several conditions must be met in order to get a loan to buy a property in Tenerife. Polish citizens working or self-employed in Poland should submit the following documents:

  • a bank certificate confirming possession of a bank account (translated into Spanish),
  • a list of the income earned from the previous or current year – a balance sheet (translated into Spanish),
  • current certificate of earnings (translated into Spanish),
  • a photocopy of a valid passport, BIK statement and N.I.E..

Good to know:

It is possible to get a mortgage up to 50% of the value of the property (depending on the bank's decision) in Tenerife.

The loan can be spread over a period of up to 30 years, up to a maximum of 75 years old.

How can we help you?

We offer help in finding a flight, hotel or apartment. We can pick up our clients from the airport, take them to the hotel / apartment. We organize house-viewings, which were previously arranged via e-mail. Such a trip usually takes 4-7 days. In addition, we offer, as separate benefits, the care of a local lawyer who speaks Polish and who checks the property before buying from the legal and mortgage side. We also help to open an account at a local bank and get a N.I.E number.

Our commission is paid by the seller, not by the buyer.

Individual valuation of legal services, depending on the scope of work.


Direct flights from Poland to Tenerife

  • Warszawa Chopin: Charter flights only – Rainbow, Itaka, TUI.
  • Warszawa Modlin: Ryanair
  • Wrocław: Ryanair and charters – Itaka, TUI.
  • Kraków: Ryanair and charters – Itaka, TUI.
  • Katowice: WizzAir and charters – Rainbow, Itaka, TUI.
  • Gdańsk: Charter flights only – Itaka, TUI.
  • Poznań: Charter flights only – Itaka, TUI


Los Gigantes / Crab Island – 1

Type: Apartment

Area: 159 m2

Rooms: 2

Bathroom: 1

€ 750,000

Puerto Santiago / Club La Mar – 2

Type: Apartment

Area: 65 m2

Rooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

€ 220,000

Los Gigantes / 3

Type: Duplex

Area: 97 m2

Rooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2

€ 600,000

Puerto Santiago / 4

Type: Apartment

Area: 75 m2

Rooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

€ 255,000

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